Grains and Feed



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Size Price
Alfalfa Pellets 50 lbs. Call for prices
All-In-One 50 lbs.
Barley, Recleaned 50 lbs
Barley, Rolled 70 lbs
Milo, Recleaned 50 lbs
Wheat, Recleaned 50 lbs
Dry C.O.B 70 lbs
Sweet C.O.B 70 lbs
Crimped Oats 65 lbs
Whole Oats, Recleaned 75 lbs.
Corn, Cracked 50 lbs Call for prices
Corn, Rolled 70 lbs
Corn, Recleaned 50 lbs
Rice Bran Pellets 50 lbs Call for prices
Wheat Bran 50 lbs
Showtime Beet Pulp 40 lbs


LMF Horse Feeds



Size Price
Development "A" 50 lbs. Call for prices
Development "G" 50 lbs.
Super Supplement "G" 50 lbs
Senior 50 lbs
Low Carb. 50 lbs


Cattle Feed



Size Price
Blue Ribbon Show 11% 75 Call for prices
Steer Finisher 12% 75 lbs.
Dairy Feed 75 lbs.


Goats, Swine & Llamas



Size Price
Goat Ration St/Grow/Finish 50 lbs. Call for prices
Pork Maker
Money Saver Pig 16% 50 lbs.
Dairy Feed 16%
Western Llama 50 lbs. can order





Size Price
Rabbit Pellets 25 lbs. $
Rabbit Pellets 50 lbs.





Size Price
Floating Fish Food 32% 50 lbs. Call for prices





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